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Save Yourself Time By Using Press Play

Third Party Playlists make up over half of all the streams on Spotify. Getting a placement on them is one of the most efficient ways of launching your artist career and finding an audience to your music. The problem? Finding the contact details and ensuring the quality of the playlists is hard, and takes a lot of time.

… which is why we built a really clever tool that does the job for us, and by extension: for you. Not only can we help you find the curators — we also make sure the quality of the playlist is up to snuff.


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You send us your track link, target spotify genre & whether it’s an upper or a downer. No press releases, no artist biographies. It takes less than a minute to fill out. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

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Choose how many playlists depending on your budget. If we won't find enough, the difference will be refunded.

We find the playlists.

Using custom software, we identify relevant playlists based on every piece of data accessible. Then we use that data to figure out which ones can make your song a hit, and remove the ones that look like... well, the other thing.

We send you the results

We'll send out a personal report of the results, with playlist name, main genre, followers, link to playlist and the contact details of the curator.

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